Friday, 5 March 2010

5. No one has claimed responsibility

we like New York,

well bits of it.

You like the old parts
I like the shiny things.

When you practice. I sit on the broken sofa

smoke cigarettes, watch people walk across the street.

The problem with Queens is there are no

Motte & Bailey castles

or interesting earthworks.
The clouds are often sullen.
At the restaurant
we discussed Japan and horror films.

We agreed it best to make our own costumes in future.

Of all the places
I think we miss Düsseldorf the most.

Beneath the table our feet touched.

The building is wholly artificial.

Als alle Knospen sprangen

x. I love you. The way you take roundabouts.

We will know in future
when we stand and watch the waterfall leap
at the fountain at Linderhof Palace. it will not be snowing

in the Moorish Kiosk or on the Peacock Throne my love. Look here is a photograph of you in the alligator wedge shoes

“Ludwig came here for contemplation every year on Good Friday. For this day he wanted a flowering meadow. If there was no such meadow because there was still snow lying, the garden director had to plant one in his head”

See I told you to avoid the sexy voice in the grotto. It echoes.

Being 50 is a shock to the throat. vipers and gaudy cravats

when all the buds are bursting open

Extracts from the guide book of 1976

A glass candelabra with 108 candles.
Two console tables of Meissen porcelain (which was the king’s favorite china)

The northern part is characterized by a cascade of thirty marble steps. The bottom end of the cascade is formed by the Neptune fountain and on top of it there is a Music Pavilion.

The centre of the western parterre is formed by basin with the gilt figure of “Fama”. In the west there is a pavilion with the bust of Louis XIV. In front of it you see a fountain with the gilt sculpture “Amor with dolphins”. The garden is decorated with four majolica vases.

The water parterre in front of the castle is dominated by a large basin with the gilt fountain group “Flora and puttos”. The fountain itself is nearly 25 meters high.

It was here you fell ill.

She checked the driver’s mirror. Wasn’t being followed, didn’t expect to be followed. But you never know, you might get mistaken for someone else, life can be monotonous. He left somewhere sometime. She couldn’t find the music she wanted on the radio. Around 9.17 am no one sneezed.

That night he took a sleeping pill, for no reason. Düsseldorf remains where it was: no closer to Peckham, no further from Pyongyang at 11.30 am August 29 1993. The air’s cooler, though it remains a hot & sticky day, police on the streets. They gave us that evil look which says you are our property. I guessed it was
all about
. Listens to somewhere August 27 1976, going on outside, where somewhere August 26 1977 was.

got darker
got less dark
sun came up
sun didn’t go down
she unbandages her wrist
the spider’s still there / whispering her name

But the courthouse is the polar ice cap-how could I have known?
I had a dream that Otto and I were camping underneath a glacier in an old fashioned gypsy caravan.
We were sat by an iconic looking fire as would represent gypsy in a production of an opera about gypsies.
The funny thing about the dream is that we weren’t actual people but an etching of people.

This is the moment I long for, to have it finally be the end and to have him there. I miss him so. All writing, all music and all art is only expression of that which we miss. And when I see him in the third row, is he really there? In the dream, we were not people but an etching of people as he is an etching in my mind’s eye. Soon when Rennecke is finished pinning, I will go out in gypsy sleeves and sing and stare into red lightbulbs and fluttering cellophane and that will be the fire. And Otto will be in the third row but I won’t know if he is an etching or flesh.

At night I watch the courthouse.

The portcullis is a fine thing. One we both approve of almost as much as sash windows. When we settle down, it is agreed we will have, a) an orchard, b) a portcullis, c) sash windows, d) air conditioning, e) silence at meal times f) undisturbed chess, g) fine cheeses and wine. More will come to us shortly. All in all we like a quiet life.

When we travel I always admire your luggage. Red patent alligator is so refreshing at an airport. Marks you out as someone who knows a thing about quality luggage.

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